How to Find Your Ideal Job in Music

We have all had that childhood dream to become a rock star. For some of us the dream of working in the music industry remained on in to our adult life. The music industry is well known for being one of the most creative and free environments but also one of the hardest to get in to. There are many people that want to join this industry and fail because they focus only on one direction. Getting your first job here can quite tricky, especially if you want a very specific job. We have listed some of the best tips for finding a job in the music industry to help you achieve your dream.

Be Open

Be very flexible. In the beginning you will not be able to work with super stars and get paid very well. Take into consideration the whole range of jobs the music industry has to offer to see what fits you the most and where there are more people needed. You will see that most of the jobs don’t imply working with artists directly and focus more on the back-stage work.

Work for Free

Do internships and volunteer work. Everybody knows that the key to getting your dream job, no matter the field, is a good CV. The best way to achieve this is by working hard and getting experience to put on your CV. Try to see what music festival or events near you need volunteers and register there. It is also a great opportunity to meet people that are working in the music field already. This way you can create connections for your next volunteer project and perhaps, for your next job. There are also many music companies that have internship programs. These are a great opportunity to see how the music industry works. You may also find a different branch of work that you like. If for example you wanted to work in the HR department and see that the PR is much cooler for you, you may want to reconsider your options.



Go to dedicated events and conferences. The music industry is constantly looking for skilled people to hire. These events have the purpose of presenting the world of the music industry with all the work branches. Many people still believe that the music industry is all about the artist. The hard work is also behind the stage where there is an army of skilled people developing everything around the music. These events are a great way to make connections and to get to know the music industry better.

Keep Applying

Apply in as many places as you can. You never know what company will consider your skills suitable for the job. Take into consideration that the specific job that you want may not be free and be open to trying new ideas. Remember also that people come and go in this industry, so if you are constantly applying you are sure to get something eventually.