The Best Audio-Editing Software

If you’re looking to become an audio editor, the first thing you must do is find the right software. The one that better suits your needs and lets you do everything that comes to mind; hence, you must know what you’re looking for in the first place. Undoubtedly, music is a huge part of our lives and most people really enjoy having some time for themselves to listen to their favorite tunes. And to some, that interest goes beyond that, and they become invested in audio-editing, but they might be stumped with the amount of software available. So, if you want to make some music, and give some quality to your tracks, or even if want to create the ultimate playlist or just want to get started in the beautiful art of audio edition, you’ll want to take a look at some of this software:

Adobe Audition

As you can tell by its name, Adobe Audition is a product of the almighty Adobe Corporation, and it’s exclusively designed for Windows and Mac OS (we’re sorry, Linux users). Audition has quite a user-friendly interface and is one of the most popular audio-editing software in the world right now. You can use Adobe Audition to cut and restore the audio, mix several sounds, or include hundreds of different sound effects. You can use it with pretty much every single audio format, and you can even convert files from one format to another. On the downside, it’s kind of expensive at 349$.

Avid Pro Tools

As its name states, Avid Pro Tools is a professional audio-editing software used by several big shots in the industry, but it has also become extremely popular amongst beginners on the industry. Also compatible with Windows and Mac OS, musicians use it to create diverse effects over the sound of their musical instruments, as well as mixing sounds. It supports several plugins, it’s pretty easy to use and even has an integrated virtual DJ sound system, but it will cost you around 699$.

Reaper Editor

Once again, Linux users are snubbed, this time by Reaper Editor, which is available exclusively for Windows and Mac OS. It’s actually pretty light and easy to use and has support for dozens of plugins. Nonprofessionals can easily get a hold of this software thanks to its user-friendly interface and a vast variety of tools. Also, Reaper Editor is one of the cheapest audio-editing software you’ll find, from licenses that go from 60$ all the way to 225$.


Audacity has quickly become the most popular audio-editing software for beginners, mostly because it’s open-source and free. Also, it has support for Windows, Linux, and Mac Os, and it supports different audio files like WAV, MP3, OGG, AIFF, among others. Moreover, you can even live-record with Audacity and it has a lot of mixing and noise-suppression tools as well. So, if you’re looking for a free option to get started and take a glimpse at the perks of audio-editing software or just want to experiment and have a good time with it, Audacity is definitely the right choice for you and it’s not even close.