The Best Recording Studio in the US

The United States is home to many world renowned recording studios. Rock, blues, rap, and jazz are at the core of the makings of American music. We have spread our wings across the United States and have made a list of the leading recording studios from hectic New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco all the way to Nashville, the world’s music city.

Dubway Studios, New York

Dubway studios stands out from other recording studios because, in addition to equipment and environment, you’d expect in a professional studio, they have expertise, the creative drive, and great staff. All its engineers spent some bit of their careers as producers and musicians. They fully comprehend the nature of performance – in a nutshell, how to get your desired sound out of you. What they do:

  • Studio production
  • Mastering
  • Media transfer
  • Mastering
  • Off-site recording

Principle Pleasure, L.A.

Located at the hub of Downtown L.A surging Arts district locale, Principle Pleasure is a rather distinctive neighbourhood, which is filled with drum machines and classic analog synthesizers.

Sheltered in a nine hundred and twenty-five square-foot factory building, the emblematic views of Los Angeles’ fretting skyscrapers and momentous landscapes create the ideal backdrop for prolific genius. The privileged location places the Principle Pleasure studios at the core of the city’s fast-growing creative nerve centre and is also home to the rising number of globally acclaimed musicians, artists, galleries, and venues. Owned and ran by producer Sharooz Raoofi, the Principle Pleasure contains lots of one of a kind and customized instruments a two-decade-old personal collection. Each machine is faithfully maintained and set up to operate with clock connectivity or full MIDI where possible guaranteeing smooth live performance and complete compatibility.

St. Felix, Brooklyn

St. Felix is a recording studio and creative space based in Brooklyn. St. Felix is a hybrid of top-of-the-range Pro Tools HDX and analog audio processing system. The core of the studio is the Shadow Hills Equinox affording proficiency in grade monitor control and the 32 channels of analog summing. Also, St. Felix features a ballooned vocal booth housing a classic Fender Rhodes and a relic foot pump harmonium. On location is an outdoor balcony, large conference room wired with video and audio feeds and a chef’s kitchen. The studio is most suitable for writing, vocals, podcasts, post-production, editing, and mixing.

Clear Lake Recording Studio, Burbank

Clear Lake Recording Studio, Burbank
Clear Lake Recording Studio, Burbank

The Clear Lake recording studio is a top-of-the-range recording studio tailored to meet the demands of leading label projects while concurrently remaining affordable and accessible to independent artists. The staff at Clear Lake is trained to offer professional production and engineering undertaking of any scale. Also, the studio has an impeccably in-tune control and live room. The gear comprises a variety of vintage microphones, outboard equipment supported by a Trident 80b console. The studio offers quality instruments in the shape of a Leslie 122, Hammond B3 and a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano.