Things All Record Labels Are Looking For On New Artists

Every musician and composer have always dreamt about signing a huge contract with a record label and make a living out of music, but obviously, that’s not an easy thing to accomplish nowadays. Right on the dawn of the digital era, record labels have found a lot of perks when it comes to discovering and developing talented artists, but, what are they actually looking for on new up and coming artists? Let’s break it down.


This one’s a complete no-brainer, but obviously, all record labels look for talented artists when they’re pursuing a new star. Whether it’s a band, a single artist, or a duo, companies must have talented people on their payroll. Therefore, you must perfect your skills, you must really showcase what makes you special. You can’t stop striving and practicing. Don’t skip a day of practice, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the perks of fame later.

Heartfelt Lyrics

This may kind of vary depending on where you’re standing, but while some people like rock music, others may hate it, lyrics though, can convince someone to listen to your songs regardless of your genre. In fact, record labels always tend to focus a lot on the content of the lyrics. Producers are always trying to find artists whose music comes from the heart, subjective as this may seem. Record labels know when people are just trying to force their way into a pop hit, and unless it’s a major hit,  they’re not going to like it. Just be yourself, and talk about what you care about. They’ll know.

Social Media

Social Media

Let’s face facts. Record labels aren’t nearly half as huge as they used to be, and that’s partially because they need to reduce failure when it comes to signing new artists. Therefore, the old-fashioned “send me your demo” kind of business is no longer a thing. Record labels are looking for tangible results, hence, the number of likes and interactions you have on social media are a huge incentive for them. They actually scan the artists’ profiles and even go through their history to see any potentially harmful posts as well in order to avoid any kind of racial or political controversies once artists are signed. So you must really take care of your social media if you want to make it in this business.


And last but not least, let’s not forget about the fact that the music industry is and will always be a business, and the business’ ultimate goal will always be making as much profit as they can. That’s the reason why record labels are constantly looking for talented people that they feel can really be profitable for them. People whose image and musical concept are original and can help them get more exposure. That doesn’t imply you must be a sellout for record labels to notice you, as nobody likes a phony. However, you must be great at interacting with people and must take a lot of care about your look and find your identity.