This A&R Manager Turned Down The Beatles

Decades ago, the music industry had unlimited power over musicians. They determined who got a contract, decided who will reach a peak of fame, and who is worth nothing. The managers from the company called the Artist & Repertoire played an essential role back in the 1960’s. They discovered artists, singers, and musicians and were jointly responsible for many great careers in the world of popular music. Dick Rowe became a well-known person by his discoveries. He worked for the Decca record company in the early 1960s. There he received a few tapes from a young and unknown band from Liverpool. But Rowe was not very convinced of what he was hearing, as a result, he refused to to give them a chance and did not sign a contract. The four musicians from Liverpool landed at EMI Records and became the greatest band of all time. The fame of the Beatles is still bright until today.

The Worst Decision In Music History

With hindsight, her rise must have been a shock to Dick Rowe. After all, the success of the Beatles for the next eight years surpassed anything the world had seen before. One American music critic went even further in the 1980s. He publicly stated: the history of pop music begins and ends with the Beatles. People shall forget every other pop musician. The genius of the two great musicians Lennon and McCartney is forever and there will not be anyone better. Dick Rowe saw it differently. He did not want to know anything about the Beatles, and so made the worst decision of his life.

Not Modern Anymore?

When asked about it later, he said that he had to choose between the Beatles and a band called Brian Poole & the Tremeloes. These had also completed test recordings. However, they were from London and not Liverpool. Rowe hoped for better cooperation due to the geographical proximity. The Beatles, who had travelled ten hours for the audition, had to leave without achieving anything. The rejection, which Rowe then gave Beatles manager Brian Ebstein, went down in history. He thought guitar bands were out of fashion.

It was not necessarily Rowe’s sole fault that the Beatles had made a wrong impression. They had a long journey behind them, were not allowed to use their usual equipment and did not sound as good as we will know them less later. Paul McCartney later found that the band did not get enough opportunities to demonstrate their skills. The next few weeks proved that Dick Rowe was not totally wrong back then.


He gave the tapes of the session to the Beatles. They applied to other record companies, but these also cancelled. Years later, however, Dick Rowe was allowed to correct his grave mistake. Beatles guitarist George Harrison recommended a band he should sign. That time Rowe hired this group. That should develop into the biggest competitor of the Beatles. They are still active today and are one of the most successful bands in the world. It is the Rolling Stones