Top Music Schools in the US

If you are looking to study music once you are out of High School, or even if you want to go back to school to study music there are many great schools in the United States that you can choose from. They each have their own unique features that make them some of the best in the world. America has some great classical music schools where you can further your skills and enhance your love of classical music. You may not be sure where you want to go to school as there are many great options, this list will hopefully help you narrow down your options and select the right school for you.

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music — Bloomington, IN

This school has repetitively been called one of the best schools in America for art and music students. They offer a variety of different subjects from vocal performance to music writing. It has a large and beautiful campus where students have access to some of the best facilities they could ask for as a music student. Even though it is not tuition-free like Curtis and Yale, the Jacobs School of Music gives out $5 million dollars per year in merit-based funds. There are also federal loans available to the students who wish to attend the school making it more realistic than you may of thought.

Juilliard School — New York, NY

With its 8% acceptance rate, this school is selective to say the least. They are known the world around as a top arts school and they hold each of their students to such a high standard.  Some of the world’s greatest musicians attended this school and the hard work they endured most defiantly payed off. It is also well located in the city of New York so that you can enjoy the city of the arts and continue your education at the same time. If you are lucky enough to get into this school enjoy the knowledge and experience that you will get here.

University of Michigan School of Music, Theater, and Dance — Ann Arbor, MI

Considered the best music school for classical saxophone programs and musical theater, this institution has among its alumni popular artists like Darren Criss, Madonna, and Iggy Pop, as well as top Broadway artists and professional symphony members around the world. Students have the opportunity to be tutored by one of the most popular cello teachers in the U.S., Richard Aaron, composer Michael Daugherty, and saxophonist professor Timothy McAllister.

Yale School of Music — New Haven, CT

Despite having highly praised music courses, Yale School of Music also offers its program completely free of charge. Its students and alumni occupy virtually all professional music position around the world. It boasts a great faculty with the likes of composer Martin Bresnick, clarinet master David Shifrin, and renowned cellist Aldo Parisot as members. Students also can network with leading artists in New York City while studying.